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the story of an invisible girl
Fashion Sense
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ectv From: ectv Date: August 28th, 2003 02:30 pm (UTC) (Link)
I tend to say as a basic rule that anything "cool" goes with black and white, and anything "warm" goes with brown and cream.

Wine could be cool or warm depending on how much red and how much blue. A purply/bluey wine goes ok with black but not with brown. A warmer reddish plum color goes well with brown though.

Yellow I would wear exclusively with brown, cept I don't wear yellow because I'm irish. Doesn't work.
Reds that are warmer go well with browns. cooler ones that have more bluish cast go better with blacks.

Blues and greens pretty much its safter to stick to blacks...but there are some blues and greens that go well with brown, but that takes a good eye.

Oranges/peaches can be worn with black (because black does go well with everything) but look better with a good brown most of the time.

Pinks do well with browns too.

Basically it depends on the shade of brown and the tint of the color. But anything that looks like you could stir yellow into it goes pretty well with brown. If it looks like there is a bluish cast to the color (reds, greens, blue, purple) keep it with blacks and greys.

Honestly, the best colors to match browns easily are NOT other browns (tone on tone = bad mojo) but creamy colors. If in doubt...brown & cream is like white and black :)
read 15 comments | talk to me!