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the story of an invisible girl
Fashion Sense
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mariegraham From: mariegraham Date: September 2nd, 2003 08:35 am (UTC) (Link)


Prepare for a long rant- this is a topic I love! First rule is, you always need the third piece. That may be the only rule, actually. So when you have on a shirt and pants, you are NOT DRESSED YET. You are dressed when you add the third piece- a vest, a jacket, or a scarf. Scarves and vests are my favorites; they store easily. So, take the pants, and find a patterned scarf that has that color in it- just a little bit. Now look at the other colors in the scarf. Any other color in there can be used for a shirt or sweater, and it's guaranteed to look good with the pants and scarf. Tied together, in the best kind of way. The patterned scarf or vest will also make cream or white or black shirts look like you meant to do that, as opposed to choosing clothes based on proximity and cleanliness. With any luck, just by always choosing colors you like, the scarves and vests will all go with several things you have, and make mixing and matching easier.
I feel like I've just been channelling my mother and my grandmother, but they are right.
read 15 comments | talk to me!