alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Back to School

I was in Target the other day, and as I wandered around trying to figure out where they kept the frames, I walked past the Back To School section.

Back to school. I miss it, and I didn't even really realize it until now. I want a new backpack. I want to shop for new shoes and a warm fall jacket. I want a bunch of spiral notebooks, the kind with the narrow-ruled lines, empty and unwrinkled and full of possibilities. I want a Trapper Keeper, and a package of multi-colored pens.

I want to walk to school through mounds of dry leaves, kicking them with my feet and hearing them crunch. I want to spend hours picking out what I will wear on the first day back. I want to hang out by my new locker and compare schedules with my friends.

...but I'm at work, I didn't have the summer off, and there's nothing new to come back to this fall. I thought about walking into the section when I saw it there in Target, just to admire the shiny new school supplies. But it was full of children and parents, rummaging through everything. So I just kept on walking.
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