alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

New Journal Style?

I changed the style of my journal. I like these new S2 styles, only I have found that the default color schemes are too "soft"; they don't encourage enough contrast between the text and the background. I can't read people's journals half the time. I literally have to select the text with my mouse, because the highlighted text has sufficient contrast for me to read it easily. The default color scheme I selected was gray on white. I switched it to black on white. Now it's legible. Plus, it's fairly colorless and low-key -- better for reading at work.

I really like the little calendar, and I love that it shows my icons with each entry. I want a links component though. It says I can have a links component, and I just have to put my links under the links tab. I can't find a links tab. Oh well, it's still mildly entertaining to play with....but I don't want to keep it if I can't easily put my links in. I miss having my comics links on my friends page!

Never mind, katester found the links for me. But feel free to provide feedback on the new look, if you are so inspired!
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