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Still sick, excuse the whining...

Ugh. I did not sleep well last night. The Nyquil I took did not cure my "sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever, so I could sleep better and have a good morning". Stupid propaganda. Instead I tossed and turned much of the night. I got up at one point to use the bathroom, and checked my watch. It was just after 2am. Rather than being pleased to see I still had plenty of time to sleep, I was actually disappointed. I wanted it to be nearer to morning; I just wanted the wretched night to end. The next time I got up, I was relieved to see it was almost 5:30am.

I slept from then until my alarm, which went off at 7:30. As soon as I started to sit up, I cried out in surprise. I had stabbing pains shooting through my stomach; it was awful! I stumbled down to the bathroom, holding my middle and whimpering. Then I went back to bed. Fortunately they only lasted about a half hour, then they went completely away. Thank goodness for that.

Once the pains went away, I uncurled from the fetal position and got up again. I figured I might as well go to work, since I wasn't getting any rest at home anyway. So here I am. I'm feeling very congested, but much better compared to this morning. We'll see how long this burst of energy lasts; I may go home early this afternoon.

I went skating again last night (speedskating this time), although I followed it up with hot tea. Tonight I'm supposed to have dance class, if I feel up to going. I think I might skip it. On the plus side, tomorrow is my day off, so I'll finally have time to recover.
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