alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
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Company party

So Saturday night, after the fateful exhibition, I had my company Christmas party. That went really well, was a lot of fun. I brought C along - first time I brought a boy since S. We had a lot of fun. I wore this really neat new dress.

Actually, I got the dress way back in October. I wasn't shopping for dresses (was in fact shopping for my dad's birthday), but saw it and fell in love with it. It was on sale and everything, so I agonized about it for awhile (You don't need a new dress. But it's so pretty! But you don't have anywhere to wear it. But it's on sale! You're supposed to be shopping for dad. Maybe I could wear it to the Christmas party? Okay, fine.), then eventually bought it. I told C about it, and asked him to take me somewhere I could wear it. He said he would, although he hasn't yet...but we've both been pretty busy.

Anyway. The dress is really cool, it's black, short, with 6 spaghetti straps that criss-cross in the back. I think it's really pretty. C wore a blue suit with a Christmasy tie. I meant to take some pictures and post 'em, but totally forgot to bring my camera, as did he. So I have no pictures. ): Oh well, I'll make sure to take some next time I wear it, whenever that is! (:

I had a very good time at the party. There was an open bar, dinner, and dancing. C and I both really enjoy dancing, so we did quite a bit. He likes swing dancing, which I've only done a little bit of, so I don't always follow as well as I should. We need to practice getting "in synch" more. I'm not used to being synchronized unless it's choreographed - otherwise I tend to do my own thing! We stayed 'til like 12:30 or so. I tried to mingle some, and actually did fairly well. I'm terrible at mingling. I'm too shy, and no good at small talk. But I did make sure to go over and chat at least a little bit with people I knew, and it wasn't even that scary.

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