alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

A weekend on my couch

While not entirely healthy yet, I am much less ill than I was. That counts for something...yay! Also, the two softball games I'd been expecting to have to play tonight in the torrential rain have been rescheduled, so that's also good news.

I had a very quiet weekend. I left work early on thursday afternoon, came home, and set up semi-permanent residence on my couch. I surrounded myself with flavored water, pillows, blankies, and kleenex. At one point, I even brought my teddy bear down to join me. My cats came and went. One would curl up with me, but then my coughing would frighten it away. After a little while its peanut-sized brain would forget the trauma, and it would climb up again. Between the 3 cats this kept me relatively cat-comforted, although never for long periods of time.

After over 24 hours of solid couch-time, including a lonely and rather mopey thursday night, I grew weary of my solitude. When C and I spoke on friday, I enticingly invited him into my germ-filled residence. Much to my pleased surprise, he agreed, even bringing with him some wonderful matzo-ball soup and sandwiches! The soup and some movie-watching company were both very welcome.

Saturday and sunday I continued my couch vigil through the morning and early afternoons, but not the whole days. Saturday afternoon I went dance-shoe-shopping with my hip hop partner. That evening she somehow talked me into hitting a club and and going dancing! I wasn't so sure if I was up to it, but I did like the idea of getting out. A hefty dose of Dayquil and a pocket full of cough drops helped me last much longer than I'd expected; I ended up having a really great time.

Sunday I was very worn out again. I slept late into the morning, then I returned to the comfy-couch and took a nice long nap. Unfortunately 4:30pm came all too quickly, and it was time to resume my normally scheduled life and go to synchro practice. It was a good session, and I went out to dinner afterward. At dinner I had more soup, plus I was finally able to resolve my weekend-long chocolate cake craving.

Today I am back at work. I'm glad I don't have to play softball tonight after all. I miss that lovely couch, but at least I will see it again soon. The reunion will be tearful and beautiful, I'm sure.
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