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2 or 3 inches

I'm only 5'1" tall (although I'm taller when standing on my hands of course). I'm not a midget or anything, but I'm definitely on the shorter end of the spectrum. This is why I am always intrigued by the wonderful email messages I get in my hotmail account, the ones with alluring subjects like I got today: "G0 ahead add 2 or 3 inches its guaranteed".

Two or three inches, that would be great! I could probably reach things in my kitchen cupboards without having to stand on the stool. I could see better at concerts. I could buy regular jeans. Maybe people would step on me less often.

Surprisingly, when I read the messages, they always seem to be directed at men. Weird. Who knew so many men were so short? The links they tell me to follow are also disturbingly explicit, not to mention unrelated.

Now my supervisor wants to talk to me about it all. I don't know why, since he's over six feet tall. He can probably already see at concerts just fine.

Maybe tall people want to repress us short people, maybe they like towering over us. Maybe that's why he wants me to stop clicking these links. It doesn't seem fair though. Don't I have a right to let the internet help me grow taller?
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