alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Softball Playoffs

To my great surprise and delight, my softball team made the playoffs this season. I'm glad, because it meant we got to play more! Two games last week, and one or more last night.

Last night was the final night. We were definitely scheduled to play one game at least. If we won the first game, we'd play again. If not, the season was over.

Unfortunately, we were up against the top team in the league. We started out okay, and we played a decent game the whole way through... they were just a lot better. You know it's bad when you're taking your last inning at bat and you're encouraging the team, "Come on guys, just 21 more runs and we can beat them!"

So yeah, we lost, 24 - 4. We really did play well (even I did!), and we placed better than our team has done any season in the past. We've never even made the playoffs before! We ended up in 3rd place overall, which I think is great. It was a fun season.

I'm glad it's over now though, because it was really cold out last night. We were all bundled up in long sleeves and jackets. My left hand stayed warm in my mitt, but my right hand was so cold and dry...I was worried that if I tried to throw the ball it would slide right out of my hand! Fortunately that didn't happen the few times I fielded the ball. It took me hours before I warmed up properly again.

So it's good that softball is over. Now all I have are nice warm sports to participate in. Like ice skating. Um...yeah.
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