alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

It's a close race...

Have you voted? If not, why not? Oh stop making excuses, just go vote. It's important. The numbers are very close. Yours could be the deciding vote you know!

I'm leaving for the West Coast on saturday. I haven't decided: should I close the polls before I leave, or when I get back. (I should decide it via another poll! No, just kidding.) I'm leaning toward doing it friday night. This means you haven't got much time left. So go! Vote now!

I'm going to see Leona Naess tonight, even though the website seems to have her name wrong. I even have a cute little Leona t-shirt to wear to the show, thanks to A. Her brother is playing drums with the band! It's all very exciting... it better be a great show, since I'm skipping hip hop for it. They sounded great when I saw them on the Tonight Show though.
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