alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Less-good Day

Today, unfortunately, was a less-good day. It started out quite wretched, but actually things are much better now.

Apparently I may be somewhat bee-allergic after all. Either that or it's infected. Yesterday morning when I woke up, my hand was still a bit swollen. I figured it would gradually go away, so I ignored it. Instead, it gradually grew bigger as the day progressed.

In the morning/afternoon, K and I went to the beach. I always make sure I dip my toes in the ocean any time I'm near it. Well I did that, though not much more than my toes because it was cold! We sat on the beach and enjoyed the sun for quite some time though. She tried to show me some sand crabs, though without success. We watched children flying kites. It was lovely.

In the evening, I checked into my hotel then went to my first convention event, a web slam. It was pretty interesting, but by then my hand was really bugging me. It had grown quite swollen, and it was radiating heat and throbbing. I tried to keep it elevated, but it wasn't really helping much. Eventually I just left early, too distracted and uncomfortable to stay.

I went to my hotel room around 9pm and tried to decide if I needed to see a doctor. Eventually I decided to go to sleep (I was very tired), and see how it looked in the morning.

I slept fitfully. At 4am I was awake, my hand was throbbing and was bigger than before. I could barely bend the index finger at all it was so puffy. I had planned on waiting until business-hours to see somebody, but figured that the sooner I got help, the sooner I'd feel better. Plus, I had conference stuff to do later in the morning.

So I spoke to the hotel staff and they directed me to a local hospital. It turned out to be some kind of insurance-specific hospital, which was supposed to only take their own patients, but I didn't know that. They said they'd treat me anyway, since I was there.

The doctor listened to my story, looked at my hand, and said it looked like it was probably an allergic reaction, but it could also be an infection. He prescribed me drugs for both, 2 kinds of allergy and 1 antibiotic, and he gave me a tetnus shot.

Because I didn't have their insurance, I couldn't use the hospital's pharmacy. I went back to my hotel to find out where I could find a drug store. They said the 24-hour ones were really far away. The close ones didn't open until 9am, and it was only 6am by then. I decided I was tired, and sick of driving around, so I went back to bed for awhile.

At 9am I left my hotel, started driving, then realized I'd forgotten my insurance card. I turned around, reentered the hotel, then realized I'd forgotten my room card! Sheesh. I was so frustrated and unhappy by this point. Got a new room key, got my card, went back on the road, then (finally) got some drugs.

Oh yeah, and when it was 4am and I was driving myself to the hospital alone in a strange city, unable to even close my hand around the steering wheel? A dashboard light of some sort came on in my car. Yes, it was that kind of day. I don't even know what kind of warning light it is. It says "check", and it has some indiscernible line drawing underneath it. The rental car does not have an owners manual in the glove compartment, and I have no idea what that picture is supposed to indicate. So I didn't know what to check, even if I weren't busy trying to take care of visiting a hospital, getting drugs, and going to a conference! I still haven't checked whatever it is, so my car will probably blow up in my face soon.

So that was my miserable morning. I then got myself registered at the conference and sat in on a couple of sessions. I was feeling pretty miserable and anti-social though, so I didn't introduce myself to anybody or anything. When the lunch break came, I went back to my hotel room and ordered room service. I moped about, did some reading, and eventually ended up taking a nap. I kept intending to return to the conference, but didn't actually make it back until 5pm.

On the plus side, when I woke up from my nap my hand finally seemed less swollen. I'm feeling quite a lot better now. I'm going to attempt to be somewhat social this evening, and I'm having dinner with a friend tonight. Typing isn't very easy or comfortable though, so I should probably stop complaining and start conferencing. I'm speaking tomorrow morning...I expect and hope that by then I'll be feeling worlds better!
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