alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

A much better day

Life is better today, here in RennieWorld. Thank you to all who offered sympathy and encouragement yesterday, I appreciate it. My hand is still a bit swollen and sore, but now it is what I would consider a "normal" amount for an insect sting. Also it's been steadily shrinking, rather than steadily growing like it was yesterday. Per the doctor's request, I returned to the hospital last night to have it double-checked. They verified that the stinger wasn't still in there somewhere, and that it seemed to be getting better. My only concern was that I was feeling a lot of "pins-and-needles" in two fingers, which they said was probably due to the decrease of swelling-pressure. So yay, I'm healing fine!

I got up early this morning and did my talk. I think it went quite well. I was nervous, but I read over my materials (while dripping coffee on them) several times to make sure I was familiar with everything. I met my track-moderator only 15 minutes before my talk...I'd been intending to meet her last night, but failed to find her. We still had plenty of time to set up the technology.

I got through my talk with a minimum of pausing and searching for words, and I think I covered most of what I'd wanted to mention. There were probably around 60 people in the room (yikes!). 3 people specifically approached me and said they liked it - 4 if you count my moderator, who was probably obligated to tell me she thought it was great. Anyway, I think it went pretty well, and I'm happy with myself.

At one point, this photographer came in and took my picture. I had seen him photographing all the speakers during their sessions, so I was expecting him. I (barely) resisted the urge to smile and pose, but I tried at least to look especially not-stupid. He took like 3 pictures, which made me nervous, because I kept thinking, "Oh damn, he needs another, I must have looked incredibly stupid in that one." I also tried to keep talking and pretend I didn't notice him, even while attempting to look especially knowledgeable and was difficult. I'm glad he only took the three, then he finally left.

Here was yesterday's miserable schedule:
4am wake up, get dressed, go to hospital
6am return from hospital, back to bed
9am get up, go to drugstore
10am finally get drugs, yay!
10:30 muffin, conference registration, attend a couple of sessions
12:30pm hideout in hotel room, room service, mope, read, nap
5pm back to conference for expo-opening
6pm write less-than-happy lj post
7:30pm dinner with whumpdotcom!
10pm trade in rental car for new one
11pm back to hospital for requested 12-hour checkup, getting better
midnight or so... sleep again

And now, in sharp contrast, here is today's so-far-much-better schedule:
7am get up, shower, get dressed
8am muffin, review talk
9am give successful presentation
10am attend other session
11:30am return to hotel room, change into swimsuit
noon read in sun, swim two laps in pool, sit in hottub, more reading in sun (thought I deserved it)
1pm pack up and switch to cheaper hotel room
2pm return to conference, attend session
3:30 write happier lj post
?:?? to be determined....
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