alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Morning Mistake

After skating until 11pm last night, I tried to go to sleep fairly soon after. Of course, I can never come home and go directly to sleep. I'm always too wired.

So I relaxed, watched some television, ate a few cookies. (Why cookies? I'm not sure. It seemed like a good idea at the time...) I messed around with my pictures, and read some email, then I read a book for awhile. Eventually I fell asleep, not early, but not dreadfully late.

This morning I actually got up fairly on-time! When I stepped into the shower, I was still only a few minutes late. It was when I came out of the shower that things fell apart.

I was really cold, and still so sleepy. I knew that if I got dressed I'd warm up, but I just didn't want to. Instead, I crawled back into bed. I pressed myself flat on my stomach, and pulled my soft warm down comforter over my head. I wiggled and settled until every piece of bare skin was being touched by either sheet or comforter. My cold skin started to warm up. A cat climbed aboard. I lay there in a drowsy half-slumber for awhile, floating, soaking, in the warmth. It felt wonderful; I didn't want to have to move ever again.

Finally I heard a voice in my head, "Get up, you lazy slug, you are going to be sooo late!"

The voice was mine. I sighed in resignation.

Dragging myself out of bed once again, I saw that I was indeed quite late. I quickly threw on some clothes, brushed my hair, and hurried out the door (managing to forget at least half of the things I'd wanted to bring to work today).

So began another wednesday. Being on vacation was much nicer than this...

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