alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Early Halloween

I bought the boots on Ebay about 2 years ago. I was looking for tall boots, because I am so decidedly not-tall. These caught my eye. Tall and sexy, black, lacing almost up to my knees. I bid on a whim, only up to around $20 I think. I was quite surprised when I won.

The boots came, and I tried them on. Wow, did they ever make me tall! And wow, were they ever hard to walk in!! I paraded about my house for awhile, wobbling dangerously, feeling uncomfortable and ridiculous. It wasn't long before the boots were tucked away in a back corner of the closet. I kept intending to wear them eventually, but the "right time" just never came up. I was afraid to wear them anywhere I wanted to walk or dance much, because they were beautiful but difficult to walk in. I pulled them out to occasionally show people, but never wore them again.

When my Ford girlfriend came over to get ready for the Halloween party we were planning to attend together, I still had no idea what I was going to wear. I figured I could cobble together some sort of costume from my random skating, dance, and fun clothes I own. As soon as she saw the boots though, she said I had to wear them. I tried all kinds of excuses and protestations, but she ignored them. No arguments were allowed, so we built my whole costume around the boots.

I didn't know what to say when people asked who I was supposed to be, my costume was basically just "vaguely goth-girl with cool boots", but that's hard to explain. It didn't really matter though. People seemed to approve anyway.

It was a cool party, crowded with tons of people in creative costumes, taking over the entire floor of a fantastic downtown Detroit loft. Plenty of food and beverages. I knew almost nobody, but I was feeling social anyway, and I made lots of random conversation and had a very good time.

(I managed to walk the whole night without falling off the boots once! I also got tons of compliments on my awesome boots..people loved them. But my feet were killing me by the night's end....)
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