alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

A long day today.

It was my day to bring in treats to the office this morning. I'd had this great plan of going to the cookie store at the mall and ordering a nifty Halloween cookie cake I'd seen displayed. It would have been a good idea, had I actually remembered/found the time to go order it and pick it up beforehand. But I didn't; it's been a busy week. So this morning I had to get up early and improvise.

I went to one of my favorite bakeries, hoping to buy some of their delicious cupcakes. Naturally, they didn't have any cupcakes. They did have big seasonal cookies though, so I asked for a dozen pumpkin ones and a dozen witches. When I got to work, I found they'd just given me two dozen pumpkins. Not that it really mattered, they were the same kind of cookie, but still. I'd wanted visual variety.

So my day began, with too little sleep, no cookie cake, no cupcakes, and no witch cookies. Then I worked-worked-worked, because my project is due November 10 even though we estimated it would take until November 24 to complete.

At 2pm, I had a PT appointment. My shoulder has been bothering me more this week, so that was good/bad. Good because they're fixing it, bad because it's hurty. After PT I stopped at the bagel place, and I noticed there was a drug store next door. I needed to visit a drug store, so in I went.

This morning I reminded myself several times: "Don't forget to visit the drug store before you come home. You need X and Y." I walked into the drug store, knowing I needed to pick up 2 things. I remembered that X was toilet paper. I had no idea what Y was any longer.

I tried my usual trick of wandering through the aisles, hoping I'll see whatever it is I've forgotten and trigger my faulty memory. I picked up the toilet paper, and I remembered that I needed toothpaste as well. But that wasn't Y. I picked up a couple of other things I knew I was running low on, but neither of them were Y either. What was I forgetting? Was Y the toothpaste after all? I was beginning to doubt myself. Perhaps I had everything.

Near the toilet paper were paper towels. Did I need paper towels? The roll in the kitchen was almost empty. I picked up a roll, hefted it, and a picture flashed before my eyes: the closet shelf, the empty space where the toilet paper needed to be, and next to the empty space...a new roll of paper towels. I didn't need any.

Giving up, I went to buy my stuff. There was still that nagging tickle in the back of my brain though. I was missing something. I still needed something. I remembered wondering if I could buy Y at the drug store, and deciding that it would most likely be there...but what was it??

Whatever it was, I returned to work without it. Then I submersed myself in working and stopped worrying about it until it was a half hour past time to leave. Whoops! I hurried out the door, the last one to leave the office.

Driving home, I was thinking through what I needed to do. Go home, sharpen the skates, go to speed skating practice. I've never sharpened my own skates all by myself before. I just bought a jig from a guy on the team, but I don't have any stones. Last week I borrowed stones from another woman, so I was all set. It shouldn't be too hard. Put the skates in the jig, put some oil on the coarse stone.....

"OIL!" I exclaimed out loud, as my car rounded the corner to the block with my house on it. Dammit, I needed to buy oil, so I could sharpen my skates. I had olive oil, vegetable oil, and baby oil at home, but they told me I needed "regular" oil. What the heck is regular oil, anyway?

"You can just use 3-in-1", he'd said. Whatever that is. I stopped at a convenient gas station, hoping against hope they'd have it, and I and admired their assortment of motor oils. Why are there so many different kinds of oil anyway? How did oil get so complicated? They didn't have anything that looked right.

It was 8pm, and I had to skate at 9. I was running out of time... I went to a hardware store and looked for the oil aisle. Naturally it was nearly the last one I looked in, but there it was. Finally, a shelf full of oil products, including something labeled 3-in-1. Hooray! Then of course there was a line, with a very slow-moving guy at the front of it. I fidgeted impatiently.

It rang up to $2.51, and I handed the guy a $5 bill. I glanced about for a penny cup, but there was none to be found. I hate stores that don't have penny cups. I hate pennies. I hate pricing schemes that come to stupid amounts like that. Why do we even use pennies any longer?? I hoped maybe the guy would give me a break, but oh no, he painstakingly counted out one quarter, two dimes, and four pennies. Ugh. Then he put my tiny can of oil into a plastic bag. Why couldn't he have kept the bag and just given me two quarters instead? It would have been so much easier on both of us.

By this time my frustration must have shown in my eyes, because the cashier told me, "Try to have yourself a nice evening." I told him he could do the same as I gathered my two bills, one quarter, two dimes, four pennies, one receipt, and a plastic bag together and scurried out the door.

I made it home and quickly fumbled through sharpening my skates. I was late to practice, but not terribly so. I guess I did okay with my first sharpening effort, although they still didn't feel quite sharp enough. On the plus side, the girl who loaned me her stones wasn't there today, so I'll try again sometime this week. (Who am I fooling, it will probably be at 8pm next week as well, knowing my timing. *sigh*)
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