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Knees and Vanity

"Well, they didn't take me out back and shoot me," I told my coworker when I got back. "So it went fairly well."

Today I asked my physical therapist to evaluate my injured knee for me. She twisted and pulled and yanked it around, and she says she thinks my ACL is not torn! [insert chorus of angels] I was really worried about that, since that's what I did to my other knee years ago (it required reconstructive surgery and months of recovery). She thinks I have strained my MCL, but it is also not torn! [insert more angels]

She twisted and pulled the knee every which way, something I have been afraid to do since sunday. (I wanted to give it plenty of space to knit itself back together, in case it was so inclined.) It didn't hurt nearly as much as I'd feared it would. There was some looseness, and a bit of popping, but no instability. When she heard popping as she twisted it certain ways, she looked semi-worriedly at me. "I think that might be meniscus," she said, "I think it may be somewhat torn; you might want to see your doctor."

At that I just kind of sighed with relief though. "Meniscus, that's just cartilage, right? You don't really need that." I was just glad all the ligaments were whole and still attached. Those are what I need to function, after all. Those are what require surgical intervention when they are broken, and that's the kind of injury I don't have time for.

She basically said that I should rest it for at least 72 hours, and that there was a good chance that both problems would heal up entirely on their own with exercise. If it was still giving me problems in a week or so, I should see a doctor. She also said she'd be happy to look at it again for me.

She was very against the idea of my skating tonight, which I was all for now that I know my ligaments are all still there. She pointed out that it's weak right now, and I don't want to make things worse. This is a good point, but I figured I could just take it a bit easy...

Maybe I'll skate, but not hooked up with the team. Way way less dangerous that way, but it'll give me a chance to move it and exercise it, see how it feels on the ice. If nothing else, I want to try doing those back crossovers again, the ones that felt so freakishly weird and scary on sunday, to see what they feel like now.

I also think I'm going to the drug store to buy myself one of those stretchy knee braces. Might provide a little extra support, plus it will be an additional reminder to me to favor it and take it easy. I'll talk to my coach tonight and see how she feels about my skating.

Right now my knee feels sore and looser than before. Not surprising though, since she was doing all that twisting and pulling. I'm at work, but I'll try to get up and walk around the office frequently to strengthen it and keep it from getting too stiff.

Oh, and vanity, vanity....last night after dinner? I took the time to shave my legs, since I knew she'd be looking at them today. I've misplaced my nice razor (in fact, I'm concerned that I left my razor in San Francisco (well, the Bay Area)), so I had to use an old one. The thing is: I knew perfectly well she wouldn't care. But even so, I didn't want to be all hairy when she was evaluating my knee!
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