alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

On the sidelines

I went to skating practice this evening. I even dressed in workout clothes, and I brought my skates. I faked my way carefully through the warmup, then did the floor practice (also carefully).

But I didn't skate.

I was tempted. I bought a knee brace at the drug store, and it made my knee feel remarkably more secure. That made me more tempted. But I was concerned that it might just give me a false sense of security, which could just lead to more injury. So I talked to the coach, and she agreed it would be best if I stayed off the ice.

The seats in the ice arena stands are made of hard plastic, which was very uncomfortable for my still-bruised bum (when I fell, I landed very hard on my right "butt-bone", the part of the pelvis on which one sits). I alternated between wiggling around on the seat, attempting to elevate my knee, and just standing up to rest my butt-bone. Crazy! I felt like a mess...but at least I didn't make anything worse.

It was hard, watching somebody else skate my spot. But it was kind of nice to see what the program looks like, since I've never been able to do that before. I promised everyone I'd be back on the ice on Sunday. Hopefully I will have no problem keeping that promise.
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