alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Bleeding for the Cause

I gave blood today. Yay, me! I love giving blood. I am always startled by people who are capable of giving blood but choose not to. I mean, where else can you physically give a vital part of yourself to help save the lives of as many as 3 people, and get free juice and cookies for your trouble? It's a beautiful thing.

This morning I had two goals: give blood and rake my leaves. I decided it would be sensible to reverse the order though. So I got up this morning, and (like most weekends) I was moving fairly slowly. I puttered around my house, still in my jammies, trying to get motivated to rake. I seriously needed to rake...I was having a difficult time figuring out where my driveway was when I pulled my car in! The grass was completely covered.

Then I heard a loud obnoxious noise coming from my next-door neighbor. Glancing out the window, I saw him starting up a huge gasoline-powered leaf blower. I fetched myself some diet pop and something to eat, still trying to get productive, then the direction of the noise changed. Was it coming lawn? I looked out the window and sure enough, he was blowing my leaves out into the street too. What a nice neighbor! Blowing my leaves didn't take him much time, but it sure saved me a good hour's worth of raking.

The cool thing is that in a sense, he helped save lives too without even knowing it. Because I was moving slowly enough that I probably wouldn't have ended up having time to do both, and I might not have made it to donate blood. This way though I had plenty of time, and off I went!

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