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I'm Tired, Roll Over

I'm sleepy today. Mondays always come too soon. I was talking to myself a moment ago, like I always do (silently, inside my head, because I don't want to annoy or freak out my coworkers), and I yawned and commented plaintively, "I'm tired."

This brought to mind a childhood memory. There was a little song I learned somewhere-or-the-other, that went like this:

There were ten in the bed
And the little one said
"I'm tired! Roll over!"
So they all rolled over
And one fell out
There were nine in the bed
And the little one said....
(etc, until...)
There was one in the bed
And the little one said
"I'm lonely!"
(optional re-start: So they got back in! There were ten in the bed....)

My friends and I used to make a game of this song when we were very young. I remember especially playing it when sleeping over at a friend's house. There were usually only three or four of us, all lined up in somebody's bed. We would sing the song, and whoever was on the left would play the part of the "little one". She would sing her line solo, then we would all roll over, and the rightmost girl would tumble dramatically off the edge of the bed.

For the first several iterations, the one who fell out would then have to run around the bed and climb back in since we didn't actually start with ten in the bed. We did the running-around-thing until the song's numbers accurately reflected the number of children in the bed.

The game involved lots of silliness and giggling as I recall. Plus lots of thumping as we dropped onto the floor, which would sometimes bring parents up the stairs demanding to know what on earth we were doing.
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