alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

State of the Union

My current over-stressing and over-whelming Project From Heck is going into its very first QA release as I'm typing this. We all have our fingers crossed -- which incidentally makes typing quite challenging. We were testing it beforehand, and trying to make sure that "it doesn't look too awful." That's a true statement at this point unfortunately. There are still tons of incomplete items and open issues...I'm just hoping it isn't too awful.

I'm getting a cold. Yuck. This is especially unfortunate since I have to stay up late tonight and ice skate, instead of drinking tea wrapped in blankets when I get home from work (my preference!). It's also negative-a-million degrees outside, and very windy. My lips are ragged, and I keep chewing the skin off of them when distracted. I'm trying to keep chapstick layered on, which at least slows down this process.

Good thing I had a warm and fun weekend to keep my mind on!

I went to physical therapy for my knee during lunch, and they worked me hard then zapped it full of electricity. (At least, I think that's what they were doing.) Kind of interesting! Hopefully this stuff will help, especially if I remember to be diligent about my exercises.

Afterward, I got a yummy caramel coffee. This made me happy, even though my favorite barista wasn't there so I couldn't say hello to her.

Whoops, the first issue with the QA release has come up. Time to stop typing and start fixing it!!
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