alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Early Christmas Gift

I now have a piano!!! I just received delivery this morning of my parents' incredible kind, thoughtful, generous gift of a Real Life Piano! It's an upright, and it's used, but it plays beautifully, and it's mine. I'm so happy with it! *poing* I took piano lessons all growing up, and always enjoyed playing. When I went away to college I still played periodically at the music building, but not often. Once I moved out on my own, I had no piano, and hardly ever played. Until a few years ago, when I got a nice electronic keyboard. I basically just used it as a piano, and it was so nice to get back into the skills again. But of course it's still not a real piano, although it's far better than nothing. The keys don't have the same "feel", and there aren't as many. But I was at least able to translate the practicing I did on my keyboard to playing my parents' piano when I visited them. Anyway, now that I have my own house, I have been wanting to get a real piano someday. But they're expensive, so I was putting it off - it was always going to be "someday". My lovely parents though, knowing all these things, decided to do some serious legwork, and found me a nice used piano - decent, but not horribly expensive. Within their budget, at least. So they got it for me for Christmas! Yay! It's beautiful!

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