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Thanksgiving morning I considered going to the parade. I really enjoy parades, but I heard that the weather was predicted to be very cold and wet. The idea of sleeping in and nursing my cold in a warm bed, instead of shivering in the rain, sounded too appealing to pass up. So I skipped the parade. Instead I slept in, then spent some time with F. He gave me cold medicine and made me tea. Later we had eggs and honey toast and coffee. It was a good way to start the holiday.

In the evening, I had the traditional turkey dinner with my family. My brother and his family did not join us so it was just four of us, but it was still wonderful...although my dad probably missed my brother, since he found himself surrounded by 3 females talking about ice skating much of the time.

Much later in the evening, I got together with My Favorite Barista, The Incredible Shrinking Librarian, and She Who Clarifies. They are old friends of mine.... they are each 32 years (well, almost) old! That's positively ancient! No, I'm kidding, not that kind of old. I just mean that I have just known them a long time. Since we were teens.

Three of the four of us use LJ, and we are working on convincing the fourth the join the cult so we can keep in better touch with her. We chatted about my nicknaming scheme on my journal, how I like to use initials. That is all falling apart now that my journal is entering into its third year of existence. Over this period of time I have encountered too many people who share too many initials. I start forgetting who is supposed to be called what. It gets confusing.

Now sometimes I use initials, and sometimes I use descriptions. Usually I end up being just vague enough that hardly anybody can quite tell who I am talking about. Of course, I suppose it doesn't really matter, so long as I can remember who the heck I was talking about. I usually can. Mostly.

The problem with using descriptions is that it gets wordy. Consider this example paragraph I might write: "Since She Who Clarifies does not live in town, we don't get to see her nearly often enough. The four of us have known one another since high school, so whenever She Who Clarifies does come visit (usually for national holidays and/or dentist appointments), The Incredible Shrinking Librarian, My Favorite Barista, and I always try to get together. Often we play euchre. Sometimes we just play with dogs, sit around, and talk well into the night. Like we did last night. Spending time with old friends, even those with long nicknames, is a perfect way to conclude Thanksgiving."
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