alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Skating Accident

I had a very relaxing holiday weekend. It was the weekend of Much Sleep. My cold was weird. It never got terrible, but it totally knocked me out...I slept for a majority of Saturday and Sunday. hm, lots of Friday too, come to think of it. I would wake up, check email, eat something, settle on the couch, and before I knew it I would be asleep again. I couldn't believe how much sleep I got, and how exhausted I was! Oh well, I guess that was what my body needed to heal. Good thing I was able to take the time to rest, maybe that's why it never got too awful.

Today I'm mostly better, although I still have a dark throaty sound to my voice. It actually sounds kinda sexy (in my opinion), so that's okay. Too bad it's been wasted on coworkers, instead of, well, you know, phone sex and stuff.

My only accomplishment on Sunday was waking at at 4pm from my nap and dragging myself to synchro practice. As it turns out, I shoulda stayed home, because I ended up squishing one of my teammates and sending her to the hospital. Not a good practice.

Now before you start looking at me in that accusatory way, let me tell you the whole story! She was skating somewhat-injured, having hurt her hip the week before. We were backwards in a fast-moving line, doing some footwork, and she tripped. She went down fast, and she was right in front of me. In falling she swept my legs completely out from under me; there was nothing I could do. I fell backwards directly onto her. She cushioned my fall so I was fine, but she had her weight plus mine slamming her shoulder into the ice. Yuck.

I felt positively awful about what happened, even though I knew perfectly well there was nothing I could have done to prevent it. Anyway she was in a lot of pain and couldn't move her arm/shoulder, so they called an ambulance and off she went. Definitely not a good practice. People kept joking that at least it was me who landed on her, and not one of the bigger skaters on the team. Well I may be small, but when I'm moving fast I still hit hard! Not to mention the very-solid ice surface....

Fortunately we found out this morning that she didn't break or dislocate anything after all. I felt a little less-guilty when I heard that. There may be some rotator cuff damage...hopefully not! Hopefully she'll heal up quickly. Our first competition is Saturday. I know she can't skate that, but come January the season will be in full swing. We need everybody in working order. That includes my knee, her shoulder, and all the other random injuries people are nursing this season!!
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