alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Lunchtime Thoughts

I really like cilantro. To me, cilantro tastes like spring.

People sometimes ask me what my favorite food is. I don't have anything specific. I like lots of different things! There are definite things I dislike, but I have no real favorite food. (I don't have many favorites in my life, in general. No favorite movie, favorite book, etc. Perhaps that is an indication of my indecisiveness, but I think it just shows that I like variety in my life.)

That said however, when I eat at a restaurant, there are certain "food accessories" that will almost invariably cause me to order an entree when I see them listed with its description -- presuming it doesn't also contain something I dislike of course. These include:


These aren't really favorite foods, not on their own, but they are certainly flavorful enhancements to a well-prepared meal. If I just see the word "capers" on a menu, for example, I get interested even before I see what they are being put on. Yum. There are probably other items that attract my attention like that too, but that's all that comes to mind currently.
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