alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Random Monday-Morning Stuff, plus ANONYMOUS COMMENTS!

I am very stiff and sore today, from all of the car-confinement of the past several days. I don't like driving. I can't sit still for that long without getting stiff and achey and wiggly. I don't know how truck drivers and such people do it.

While gone, I received a Christmas card from abrokenstarr and fantasyman! How sweet. Thanks guys!

Couple more poll answers for ya:
behindthefool -- Actually I did visit, for about a week, back in 1995. It was a really great trip, and I'd definitely like to go again sometime!

swerve -- I'd like to give you the same. Welcome back, I missed you!

I don't generally do memes, but they can be fun sometimes. Plus there was a request for this one, so why not?'s time for Anonymous Comments. Anybody can post, and I have turned off ip-logging, so nobody will know it's you. Even I won't know who says what. What would you say, if you knew nobody could identify you? Maybe confess a secret, maybe ask a question, maybe just a chance to be totally random. Comment as many times as you want, feel free to respond to others' comments, but keep it anonymous!! (boy that's hard to spell.) Have fun.
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