alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Okay, let's try again.

No longer gloved, I will try to be more articulate. Although my finger are still a bit chilly, so I'm still not typing at my greatest. Maybe I should be still wearing the gloves. But let me tell you: typing with gloves is not nearly as simple as you may believe.

So I lost my gloves, let's see....3 days ago. I was so bummed about it, as it's starting to get really chilly out, and they're great for driving. Keeps your hands from freezing to the steering wheel. And they're nice leather ones. After owning leather gloves for some time, they will form exactly to the shape of one's hand, and fit perfectly - making them very comfortable. These had done that, and I wasn't pleased by the idea of getting new ones. I had been planning on posting my sorrow here to LJ, but it was the morning that LJ was down earlier this week

Anyhoo, I've been whining about my lack of gloves probably far more than might be appropriate. But it was a real bummer to be missing them, especially with Winter looming down on us and everything. Just now, I was sitting at the computer, and C decided to come sit in the same room with me. He wanted to put his feet on my ottoman, so he moved the magazine which was there........and Lo! Behold! My gloves! And there was much rejoicing. I actually did a little dance about the room.

Then, in my joy, I tried to point out to C why these were so much better than a pair of new gloves would be.
"See, how they're all hand-shaped and everything?"
Then I realized what I'd just said.
"Well, okay, all gloves are hand-shaped. But these are shaped like my hand."
But C was too busy laughing at me to pay attention to my efforts to explain myself.

Oh well, at least I have my gloves again. And my fingers have warmed up by typing this, even without wearing the newly found gloves, so two good things have happened in the last 30 minutes or so!

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