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Christmas Party Juggling

I had a really nice time at S&D's Christmas party last night. It's really wonderful how friendly I feel with that group of people. Even though I met them all through C, that was three years ago. Now many of them are my friends also. I care about them. That makes me happy.

I went there with F, which was a little scary and weird at first. Most everybody there knew F already, but they did not know that he and I have started dating some. I've been very close-mouthed and shy about the whole thing up until now. So at least we've "outed ourselves" now, and I feel less weird. Once I relaxed, I had a great time.

Now, a cute story. At one point, I was upstairs talking to a few people. There were two small children (maybe around 5 years old?) playing on the bed. "Does anybody know how to juggle?", the little boy asked the crowd urgently. He and the little girl each had a small stuffed tiger, the size of a beanie-baby, and they were both tossing them into the air, pretending to juggle them.

I glanced around the room for F, because I know he's told me he can juggle. He wasn't around, and nobody else in the room volunteered. I know how to juggle, but I would probably easily qualify as The Worst Juggler In The World Who Knows How To Do It. There are lots of people who simply don't know how to juggle, and they are all worse than me. They are probably the only ones though. I know the basics; I'm just not very hand-eye coordinated and am therefore very bad at it. I can usually mange around 3 or 4 "jugs" before I start dropping things.

The child asked his question again, and I laughingly mentioned to the guy I was standing with that I knew juggling basics, but I was terrible at them. "I don't want to tell the kid I can juggle, because I'm really bad at it. Plus I might be able to juggle some round bean bags, but I doubt I could handle stuffed tigers!"

The guy looked at the kids, who were still pretending to juggle, each with one tiger. He said to me, "You know, it looks like they only have two tigers. Can you juggle with just two of them?"

I realized he was right. Now I don't think it's really "juggling" if you only have two items, but that is certainly much easier for me. It's how you learn to juggle, after all. Start with one, then two, then three. (Theoretically you then progress to even more, but I never got that far.) I am pretty good at's just when I attempt a third that my coordination betrays me fairly quickly.

So I walked over there and took a tiger from each child. I started tossing them from hand to hand, juggling the two tigers. Little kids are great. You can impress them so easily! They both stood there on the bed, staring at me in awe. Wow!, they would exclaim, each time I tossed the little tigers from hand to hand.

I grinned. They were so amazed and happy that somebody had responded to their request. I handed them back their tigers and swaggered back to the party, feeling very cheerful. So what if I suck at juggling? I can impress 5-year-olds, and it made me feel surprisingly good about myself!
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