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Fun With MRI's

Last week I saw my knee doctor for a followup. I've been doing physical therapy for it, and trying to be careful of it (by this I mean I am still skating but I think Strong Healing Thoughts at it, and I skip some of the more painful tricks), but it hasn't gotten a whole lot better. It's better than it was, but still feels distinctly "wrong" and it just does not function correctly when I skate. It's very frustrating, naturally.

The doctor examined it again, and he still believes it is essentially intact. However since I'm still having problems with it, he wanted me to have an MRI. He doesn't really think it will find anything, but it's better to take a look.

I had the MRI this morning. It was actually fairly interesting. It didn't hurt, and they didn't stick me or anything. The only awkward part was that I had to lie completely still in a tube for around 30 minutes.

They kept asking me if I was claustrophobic, which I am not. Then they put me in the tube, and it was huge! Nothing to make me the last bit uncomfortable. Maybe it's only claustrophobia-inducing for big people. You could have fit several people my size in there.

I was lying flat on my back, with my right knee in a smaller tube. "Now you have to keep your knee completely still while I do this," the tech told me before we started. I immediately needed to wiggle my toes, which I did. Then he put a few small sandbags around my foot, to keep it still. He gave me a blanket when I told him I knew I'd get cold. He gave me some headphones and let me pick a radio station. Then he slid me into the tube.

I'm generally a very antsy person, and holding still is a bit challenging for me. The sandbags helped remind me not to fidget though. It really wasn't bad at all. It was occasionally noisy, and while not comfortable, it wasn't very uncomfortable. I kept my eyes closed and mostly just tried to relax. I was actually fairly sleepy, and I longed to roll over onto my side, pull up my blanket, and take a little nap. I knew that would be completely against the rules though, so I resisted.

When it was through, I asked him how it looked. "I can't tell you," he responded secretively, giving me the impression that he knew exactly what was going on with my knee but just wanted to keep it to himself. He told me I had to wait until my doc received the results in a few days.

He gave me a copy of my MRI films to bring to my next appointment though! That's pretty cool. There are tons of pictures; I've only glanced at them so far. I'm going to pull them out tonight and check them out. Not that I have any idea what they mean, but it's kinda cool! Maybe I'll take some pictures of'd make a neat souvenir.
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