alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Crabby Christmas Eve

I am at work today. I can't remember the last time I've worked on a Christmas Eve: usually it is one of the few paid holidays our Company gives us. They give us 9 holidays each year. Which days vary by when the holidays fall. This year, the Company in its Infinite Wisdom decided that it would be nicer to have Christmas and the day-after-Christmas off (thursday/friday), so we could have a long weekend. This seemed sensible and okay to me, until this morning when I found myself driving to work on Christmas Eve.

Christmas has come way too fast for me as it is, without working on its Eve. Plus, I am flying to NYC on Christmas day (tomorrow?!), so in fact I'm supposed to go to my mom's tonight and have Christmas dinner. Yikes, that means I have to wrap gifts tonight and pack and all that good stuff.

My stone goose is still in her Thanksgiving outfit. That's how behind I am...I haven't even given my poor goose her santa hat! I haven't decorated or even cleaned my house. I am reconciled with not having a tree this year. The idea of getting and decorating one just sounded like too much work and not worth the effort. Christmas decorations make me happy, yes, but expending the energy to dig things out of the basement and put them up alone would not make me happy. So why do it?

On the other hand, I sent out a bunch of holiday cards this year, for the first time in years. I'm really glad I succeeded in that. I also have some nice gifts to give to people I love. I don't have a lot of Christmas energy or passion this year, but I'm trying to focus it in the places that matter, not the irrelevant ones.

So anyway, I was sitting here at work, and the guy behind me was listening to Christmas music, and the guy next to me was listening to techno. I could hear both, much too clearly. I hate hearing other people's music. Plus, what an awful combination. I sat there getting crabbier and crabbier, until I remembered I don't have to listen to their crap. I put my headphones on, and then remembered I have a new mix CD to listen to! So I'm listening to my new CD, and I'm now happier.

(Even if the office is cold, and I'm huddled under an old hoodie, like always. I'm tired of the cold! Why do I spend my holidays freezing in Michigan and New York, instead of going warmer places like most people? (Or rather: why doesn't my family live somewhere warmer?))

They are making us work today, but at least they are closing the office at 3pm. At least it will be a shorter-than-usual day. Good thing, since I seem to have tons to do when I get out of here! How could it be Christmas already?
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