alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Friday's email post

A good day today. Spent the morning at grandma's with many relatives, having lunch, exchanging gifts, playing with the baby and dog, etc. A few of us even took the dogs for a walk. Watching my baby nephew (now 11 months old) open his presents was entertaining. He understands how to unwrap them pretty well, and he enthusiastically ripped the paper off. He did not really understand that he then had to open the box the paper was covering. The box did not interest him; instead he was quite happy to continue playing with the wrapping paper.

After returning to my aunt's apt to clean up, we all went out to eat at
Barbetta on 46th Street, a lovely little Italian place. The waiter's enthusiasm was impressive. His mouth-wateringly poetic description of the crepe-like appetizer awed us enough that 7 of the 9 ordered it (number 8 was a vegetarian or she would have ordered it too). "...then we put it in the oven, where the cheese melts. Just went it is about to fall off the edge, it hardens into a delicious brown crust," he told us with wide eyes and eagerly gesticulating hands.

After dinner was Broadway. We saw "Take Me Out", which was an incredibly good play about a gay baseball player's coming out. It was shocking, funny, crude, and sad, all at the same time. Loved it.

Late this evening my sister and I went for a walk to check out the local lights at Lincon Center and Tavern On The Green. Very pretty....I've always especially loved the Tavern, which is just amazing. Standing in their courtyard surrounded by thousands of tiny lights; it feels like standing in some kind of fairy world.
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