alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

MRI Pictures

After I posted about my exciting MRI experience, a few people requested pictures. They are kinda neat-looking, so I don't blame you. I now have six large sheets of pictures to take to my doctor! That's a ton of pictures. They were certainly wonder it took so long.

I photographed them all, propping them in the window so that the light would shine through. I'm just posting two, since I'm assuming that nobody who actually can interpret them is reading this journal. *grin* (I should get the actual results sometime this week.)

It's funny: I was looking at these images, and noticing how different body parts are different densities, making them either lighter or darker in the scan. I noticed that they are edged with bright white, and I figured that was probably skin and fat tissue or something. Then I worried that maybe there was too much bright white, and I shouldn't post the picture because people would think I have lots of fat in my knee. Then I realized what a neurotic freak I am: I am worried that my MRI will make me look fat!! Then I laughed at myself and decided not to be so ridiculous. After all, I have no idea what these really mean, and there is probably a lot of different kinds of tissue that shows up bright white. (At least... I hope so!)

This one doesn't look like a joint so much as it reminds me of ultrasound baby pictures, since it is (apparently) perpendicular cross-sections. Either that or I'm pregnant. that would be a scary result to get! "Well, your knee looks okay, but it's pregnant. Your baby is due in 2 months."
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