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Radiologist Report

(I've transcribed this from the fax my PT received)

MR Findings:

The medial and lateral menisci apppear satisfactory. These is disruption of proximal fibers of the anterior cruciate ligament in association with increased T2 weighted signal consistent with a tear. The posterior cruciate ligament is intact. The collateral ligaments are unremarkable. There is a normal appearance of the patellar andquadriceps terminus. There is a moderate size joint effusion. There is an approximately 0.75x1.5cm fluid-filled mass compatible with a juxta-articular synovial cyst in the posterosuperior aspect of the medial femoral condyle in the region of the medial head of the gastrocnemium muscle. There is a satisfactory appearance of the articular cartilages. A cellular bone marrow pattern is noted that may be insignificant clinically. The patellofemoral relationship is normal with intact petellar retincula. A small fluid collection in the deep infrapaclar bursa may be insignificant clinically.


1. Complete promimal anterior cruciate ligament tear.
2. Small poserior-medial juxta-articular ganglion cyst.
3. Moderate size joint effusion.

(There may be some typos and misspellings, as the fax isn't very clear and I just touch-typed it quickly. I don't quite know if this means they think my ACL is completely torn, partially torn, or they are unsure. Either way, it's not the diagnosis I was hoping for. Now I have to talk to the knee-doc again, see what he thinks.)
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