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New Year's Eve

Last night I went to two different new year's parties. I had the option of going to several different ones, and I was a bit torn. F was going somewhere in AA, but I didn't really feel like driving that far. I settled on beginning at a fondue party, then ending the night at the Incredible Shrinking Librarian's (close to home). Both parties were really nice, and I enjoyed hanging out with several friends. I also got to meet some new friends!

Finding the fondue party all by myself was a challenge. I am fairly directionally challenged as it is, and all I had to go by was a house number (I had foolishly not called and asked for landmarks). Plus it was dark out, so I couldn't read any of the numbers on the houses. Every time I would slow down to try to see something, somebody behind me would start tailgating me and looking angry. I started getting panicked and stressed out, so I was thinking less clearly, which just made things worse. Fortunately after circling around several times I finally found the place.

Once I got inside everything was better. I had some shrimp, fondue, and champagne. I hugged friends and had good conversations. I'd unfortunately missed S&D&J, but J had a mutual friend of ours pass on a most excellent new year's kiss....I had no idea she was such an amazing kisser! Wow! *wink*

A little after 11, I headed out to the Librarian's gathering. As I walked in, everybody glanced up from their books and said, "Shhhh!"

No, I'm just kidding: there was no reading and no shushing going on. Instead there was more good food, some entertaining music, and a lot of friends - many of whom I haven't seen in a long time! It was cool catching up and whatnot.

At midnight we fetched beverages and watched the ball drop on the television (this was the only 5 minutes during which the television was turned on). As I was spending the evening sweetieless, I exchanged pecks with the two guys standing on either side of me.

Between being tired and overindulging on Goth M&M's, I got really giggly at one point. I had a hard time sitting still, and I was told I was very catlike. "I'm very much like a cat, only I sleep less," I responded. Then we played Trivial Persuit and my team won (I even answered a question ...yay me! The answer was "Mostly Murder".), though it was a close match.

It was a relaxed evening, nothing wild, but very nice. I had a great time, made some new friends, caught up with some old ones. Several people with LJ's...(hi y'all!). I went home around 4am, let the new year into my house, hugged my cats, and headed to bed.
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