alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

My car and I survive another year!

The night of December 30, three days ago, I pulled my car into the garage and turned it off. As the digital odometer blinked off, I thought I saw zeros flash in my retinal memory. I quickly turned the car back on, and it was confirmed: my odometer read precisely 10000. Five digits, my little car made it into five digits!

Last year I was stressing during the holidays because my car's engine was failing on me, and I wasn't sure whether it was worth fixing it or not. Finally, exactly a year ago on this precise day, I said goodbye to my lovely 1994 Sunbird and bought a new car.

For most people that would be the end of the story, but not for me. (hm, maybe my journal is tinged with a bit of bad luck.) Instead, I managed to wreck the poor thing just 13 days later, miraculously walking away with only some bruises, strained muscles, and a broken ring. Its odometer did not even make it to 1000 miles.

So then I bought yet another new car, although it looked the same as the first one. I'm still driving that car today (knock on keyboard), so it's a pretty exciting milestone to see all of those zeros. I even took a photograph.

Driving to work this morning, an SUV next to me tried to switch into my lane on top of me. Fortunately he was easing into the lane very slowly. My body flooded with adrenalin and panic, but I did not swerve the car nor give up the lane. Instead I braced myself and blared my horn, not removing my hand until he stopped inching over. I saw him look startledly over his left shoulder; we made eye contact, and then I passed him as he moved back into his lane.

I know this kind of thing happens all the time, just a normal driving incident. Still scary though... it always is. Five digits. They aren't all zeros anymore, and my car is doing just fine. Happy 2004 little car, we made it!
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