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Awhile back, I wrote about my favorite foods. Well really I don't have any favorite foods, but there are certain ingredients which particularly appeal to me.

Today when I met my sister for lunch, I found a dish that contained three items on my list, all in one dish! Artichokes, capers, and mushrooms. Of course I had to order it.

Imagine my disappointment, when I couldn't find any artichokes on my plate. I sat there with my fork, forlornly digging through the angel-hair pasta, flipping over the pieces of chicken to look underneath, searching for my artichokes. I closely inspected some of the mushrooms, to see if they were perhaps artichoke slivers in disguise. They weren't.

The dish was yummy anyway, and I ate quite a bit of it...but I'd really been looking forward to the artichokes. I asked the waitress for a leftover-box when she came back, and I added, "Are there supposed to be artichokes in this?"

"Yes, there are," she said as she smiled at me patronizingly. She apparently thought I had been surprised to find that my chicken was swimming in artichokes.

"But I couldn't find any!" I explained sadly. She looked suitably horrified at the omission, and she hurried away in embarrassment.

When she came back with our boxes, mine had two gloriously large slices of artichoke already sitting in it. "So you can at least have some with your leftovers," she explained.

It wasn't a perfect solution, but satisfactory. Now I have artichokes to look forward to in tomorrow's lunch. Not to mention capers, mushrooms, chicken, and pasta.
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