alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Snow Complaints

It is snowing. It's been snowing heavily all day, and there are great mounds of snow all over the road, the parking lot, and my car. I'm am sitting here at work, staring out my window, watching the traffic inch its way by on the street below.

I don't want to leave. Not only does it look like the drive home with be miserable, but I don't want to brush the snow off my car. I am wearing impractical shoes, and they will slide all over as I wade through several inches of snow, and my socks will get cold, wet, and icy. I should have paid attention to the weather when getting dressed this morning.

When I finally get home, I will have to shovel my driveway. At least I will be able to go inside first and put on some boots and dry socks and such. I should have fixed my snowblower when it broke last winter!

This is the first time this winter when it's really been needed. This is more-or-less the first major snow of the season, and it's caught me totally unprepared.

It's a bummer too, because it was such a pretty snowfall all day today. It would have been a perfect day to be playing in it, going for soft walks, making snow angels, sledding, kicking blizzards, then warming up inside with hot cocoa and steaming mittens. Instead I watched it from my office, and now that it is dark out, soon I will be driving treacherously through it with ice-cold ankles and feet! Kinda takes a lot of the fun out.
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