November 6th, 2001



...and I can't sleep. Why am I so bad at sleeping, why, oh why?? I lay there miserably for awhile, so cold outside of my down comforter, but warm inside, with countless pillows and comfort, a warm heavy cat purring delightfully on my chest, but awake, completely awake.

"You stopped and pointed and said, that's a crocus,
and i said, what's a crocus, and you said it's a flower.
i tried to remember, but i said, what's a flower,
you said, i still love you...."

Really the best possible answer, in a lovely cold song by Dar Williams called February...."the nights were long and cold and scary, can we live through februrary?"

Yet here it is only November; it will only get colder (and scarier).

And darker. And, god help us, sleeplessier? Hopefully not.


Okay, this is really weird. See, tuesday is ballet night. I left work a bit early, hurried straight to the dance studio, grabbed my bag, went to the door, and there was a big orange sign on it! Saying Seizure Notice!!!!! Holy cow, my ballet teachers are Evil! The weird thing is: it said they only owed like $175 in taxes, which is such a trivial amount of money I can't believe they didn't just pay it and be done with things. So now I have no ballet class. *pout* I don't know if I'll ever have one again, at least at this studio....

Plus, I was really looking forward to class tonight. Now I have to try to find something else "exercise-y" to do, or I will turn into a terrifying blimp. But now I'm not really inspired to exercise or anything.

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