November 28th, 2001


Oh, crap.

So I have these beautiful brand-new skates, only they're white. On my skating team, our skates are required to be "bark" colored. No other color will do. Of course I've been putting off dying my skates, because (1) I'm a procrastinator at heart, (2) They are so nice and shiny-new-white, and (3) I've been busy. Now we have our first exhibition Friday (yes, 2 days away), and my skates are still the wrong color.

I called the shoe repair place who dyed my old skates last year, and it was really weird. It was like a whole different place, only I know it was the same location. Maybe it's a different guy now. First, he said he could do it for $16, when I think it was $25 or $30 last year. Second, he said he wouldn't be able to use the spray can I already own (for touchups), even though that's what they did last year. Most importantly, he said that it would take at least two days. He could probably have it done by saturday if I dropped them off today, if he had the right color, which he doesn't, so he has to order that still.

I could spray them myself with the can I already own, but I'm afraid of screwing it up and making them look bad. Definitely that would be awful. Plus, if you do it yourself it comes off really quickly and looks nasty until you spray them again, which you have to do before every exhibition and competition. The dye process lasts for ages, with only minor touchups required maybe.

Or, just thought of this, I could skate friday and sunday (first competition is sunday, that's why there's an exhibition friday) in my old skates, and drop off the new ones to get dyed properly once he gets the right color. But I'm also mildly concerned that he won't use the exactly correct color, if it's not in a spray can - what if it turns out differently than everyone else's? Plus, I haven't skated in my old skates for awhile, wouldn't want to trip or otherwise error, since I'm no longer as used to them!

aaarrgh. Not sure what to do. I suppose if I spray them myself and screw it up, I could always take it to a professional to have them fixed up nice again. *sigh* Will have to think about it some more.
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