November 29th, 2001


Reality Horoscope

I just got my "Reality Horoscope" from redthread, and it's really quite perfect.

While you are a good worker, lately you've been out of sorts and living for weekends. Give in to that temptation, and just play solitaire at work. Your boss might mind, but it's nothing worth firing you over. The Gemini needs many treats right now; chocolate comes to mind as does many presents from adoring people. Give in and splurge; you only live once, after all.

She should go into business doing this, eh?
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One of my new fish died. He was striped. He didn't live long enough to get a name, but I liked him. When he was alive, he looked a little bit like this, and even more like the top picture behind the link :


It's probably silly to be sad over a fish, but I am, a little bit. Especially since he was given to me on my birthday by C. (A long story behind that one, actually, but for another time.) A moment of silence for a good fish, who will be missed.