December 4th, 2001


So far so good

Well, I'm doing better today, at least so far. C bought me a nice healthy dinner last night to compensate for the nothing-of-any-nutritional-value-whatsoever I'd had for the previous 30 hours or so. I'm sure my body appreciated that. We went for a short walk, and then I got a fair amount of sleep last night. Today I'm feeling practically human! Hopefully it will last and I'll have a good day. Of course, I'm at work, so there's no telling what could happen by the end of the day. But then there's ballet tonight, so there's hope even so!
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I have a sore throat. It began the day as a dry throat, but has been growing increasingly uncomfortable. *sigh* Will try to get more sleep tonight.

I was driving to ballet this evening, and my car made an odd noise. You know how your mind can take one minor incident, and just build all sorts of bizarre complex scenarios from it? Well for some reason I started imagining my engine catching on fire. Then I pictured myself startledly swerving into oncoming traffic - but that quickly got too gruesome to continue thinking about. So then I just pictured myself startledly swerving onto the side of the road, and leaping out of the car. I then started inventorying the things I'd need from the car before I ran a safe distance away to watch it explode, which of course it would. (hm, backpack, ballet bag, skate bag, yep, that should do it.) I then started wondering precisely how far away I should run, so as not to be hit by falling exploding-car-debris. (Is there a lot of shrapnel when a car explodes? Do they often explode from engine fires? My only experience with these things is television, which is of course so realistic.) So then I started hoping that some kind stranger would stop and tell me how far away I should move. And perhaps give me a ride home. I was planning on leaving my keys in the car, which would have been a pain, but I figured what with already carrying 3 bags, the keys were an additional burden I didn't need. Plus I was pretty sure I had spares of everything. I was also pleased to find this freed me up to buy a new car, which I've been wanting to do for awhile but have been avoiding due to the practicality of keeping my already-paid-for car.

At this point in the imaginings, I arrived at my exit, so I got off the freeway. My car did not make any more strange noises, and is now perfectly fine.