December 11th, 2001



Oh dear, I can't sleep. I hate insomnia. I spent a terribly unproductive evening. All day at work, I was sleepy and not-feeling-great. I'm not exactly sick anymore, but not really well yet either. You know when most of your body feels somewhat okay, but you can still feel this evil pool of sickness hiding deep in your sinuses, just lurking, occasionally seeping out to the nose and/or throat. Ick.

Anyway, after spending the whole day at work wishing I was happily at home in bed, I came home around 7, had some cereal to eat, read a bit on the computer, then went upstairs. Read in bed for awhile, then fell asleep. The telephone woke me up at I think around 9pm. It was B, and we talked for awhile, I told him how lovely my Christmas tree looks (as he lives 2 states away and cannot enjoy it easily) and I came downstairs to admire and enjoy it while we spoke. After quite awhile we hung up, and I found I had a voice mail! It was from St, a new boy, who I haven't even met yet. Called him back and made plans to probably do so on Wednesday, and talked to him for awhile. Sounds kind of nice.

So by then I'd spent like 1.5 hours on the phone, and here I don't even enjoy talking on the phone. Also, of course, I was awake again. So I spent some time reading Bridget. Love that book, was delighted to find more diary entries on the 'net, thanks to cannibal. Have found must make concentrated effort not to write in similar style, after reading for a bit. See, there I go again, ha-ha.

I thought I was getting sleepy, so I headed to bed again around 11:45. Read, turned off light, got comfy, and found myself utterly unable to fall asleep. Couldn't turn off my brain long enough to rest. arrrgh. My own foolish fault for taking a nap earlier, I should know better, but it just seemed like such a lovely idea at the time. So warm, cat-cuddly, and sleepy.

Also, I'm hungry. I think my stomach has turned into the size of a watermelon, because it seems like I'm always hungry these days. Is it feed a cold, starve a fever? I hope so, because it seems like I have been eating a lot. Well, not tons, but none of it good for me either. I would make warm milk with honey, C's suggestion to induce sleepiness, but I finished off all my milk with this evening's cereal. Maybe I could have toast with honey. Don't know if that's good for slumber, but it does sound tasty.
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