December 18th, 2001


Company party

So Saturday night, after the fateful exhibition, I had my company Christmas party. That went really well, was a lot of fun. I brought C along - first time I brought a boy since S. We had a lot of fun. I wore this really neat new dress.

Actually, I got the dress way back in October. I wasn't shopping for dresses (was in fact shopping for my dad's birthday), but saw it and fell in love with it. It was on sale and everything, so I agonized about it for awhile (You don't need a new dress. But it's so pretty! But you don't have anywhere to wear it. But it's on sale! You're supposed to be shopping for dad. Maybe I could wear it to the Christmas party? Okay, fine.), then eventually bought it. I told C about it, and asked him to take me somewhere I could wear it. He said he would, although he hasn't yet...but we've both been pretty busy.

Anyway. The dress is really cool, it's black, short, with 6 spaghetti straps that criss-cross in the back. I think it's really pretty. C wore a blue suit with a Christmasy tie. I meant to take some pictures and post 'em, but totally forgot to bring my camera, as did he. So I have no pictures. ): Oh well, I'll make sure to take some next time I wear it, whenever that is! (:

I had a very good time at the party. There was an open bar, dinner, and dancing. C and I both really enjoy dancing, so we did quite a bit. He likes swing dancing, which I've only done a little bit of, so I don't always follow as well as I should. We need to practice getting "in synch" more. I'm not used to being synchronized unless it's choreographed - otherwise I tend to do my own thing! We stayed 'til like 12:30 or so. I tried to mingle some, and actually did fairly well. I'm terrible at mingling. I'm too shy, and no good at small talk. But I did make sure to go over and chat at least a little bit with people I knew, and it wasn't even that scary.


I got an entertaining little worm/virus thingy yesterday. This is the second time I've received it. The email basically says, "Check your hard drive, you might have a virus!" Then it gives you detailed instructions on how to find and delete the file sulfnbk.exe from your hard drive. Then it says, "If you find it on your hard drive, send this e-mail to all in your address book, that's how it is transferred."

The funny part is: this file isn't a virus at all! It's a normal system file that will be on any computer running Windows! So people all over are finding this file, deleting it in horror, and then hastening to send the email to everyone in their address books.

Here's more info on the email.

I think the whole thing is so amusing because this "virus" actually makes you do all its work for it. After all, why should a hacker go to all the trouble of writing a program which will delete files off your hard drive and forward itself to everyone in your address book, when it's just as effective to tell you to do it instead?! Too funny.
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