January 1st, 2002



Happy new year! Happy palindrome year! I was thinking about palindromes, and realized that 2002 is actually the second palindrome year I've experienced in my lifetime. 1991 was also one. Before that, obviously, was 1881, which is unlikely that I or anyone still alive has experienced. Our next one will be 2112, which I probably won't experience either (although you never know, depending on medical advances in the next several decades...). So actually I, and most of my peers, are quite fortunate - we get to experience 2 palindrome years in our lifetimes, when in the past one was likely to be all you'd ever get. Happy new year new happy!
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    I Palindrome I, by They Might Be Giants

Black-eyed peas

So C is from the South, and apparently it is a tradition down there to eat black-eyed peas on New Years Day, which will cause you to have good luck all year. I have spent a lifetime of not eating black-eyed peas on new years day, which means I've had bad luck my whole life. Gads. On the bright side, this is all going to change! Today, yes, this very evening, I enjoyed my first black-eyed pea. Actually, I had several black-eyed peas. So this means good luck, all year! Hooray! I can't wait!