February 13th, 2002


A good girl this Lent

The good thing about Lenten Resolutions, as opposed to New Year's Resolutions, is that Lent is a much shorter period of time, and therefore more manageable. Only 40 days. I have a lot more success giving up things for Lent than I do with resolving to do something for a whole year, or (hardly imaginable) the rest of my life.

So, that said, here's what I'm giving up for Lent:

The elevator at work
Not exercising every day

The last one is a bit confusing, because it's hard to phrase properly as a negative. It's really something I'm going to do, not give up - unless you consider not not doing something to be giving it up.... However you want to phrase it though, I'm resolving to do the following every day:

100 jumping jacks
100 stomach crunches
20 toe touches
25 pushups

Quite a simple and quick little routine. I'll try to do it in the morning. I did it this morning, and it took maybe 10 minutes. Doesn't require any fancy equipment or clothes or anything. But if I do it regularly, I think it will be good for me. Especially on top of my normal activities. Certainly better than doing nothing!

So, now that my Lenten resolves are publicly recorded, I have to keep them!
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Holy cow it's freezing in here

Okay, I would just like to state that I have been sitting here in the office, at my desk, attempting to work, wearing a fleece scarf. It is ridiculously cold. I have been periodically sitting on my hands to warm them up. How can I expect to be productive under such conditions? Now I'm going home, where hopefully it is warmer.
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Breasts for the holiday

Just in time for V-Day, here's some new emoticons. Consider it my gift to all you men out there. (...and yes, I was the one who posed for the first image (haha).)

Perfect breasts

Perky breasts

Big nipple breasts

A cups
o o

D cups
{ O }{ O }

Wonder bra breasts

Cold breasts
( ^ )( ^ )

Lopsided breasts

Pierced Breasts

Grandma's Breasts
\ o /\ o /

Against The Shower Door Breasts
( )( )