February 20th, 2002


Today is another day...

...and I am doing better than yesterday, which was kind of rough and weary. I slept soundly last night, if not for very long (I was kind of afraid to go to bed last night, for fear I'd have trouble sleeping). I woke up this morning very sore, with a nasty headache. But some advil and a quick backrub from an extremely sweet and apologetic C resolved those issues. I waited 'til the headache was mostly gone before I did my morning exercises, and got to work a bit late. But now I'm feeling way better - yay!

Also, I found out yesterday that the same sweet guy mentioned in the previous paragraph ordered me a garage door for v-day. A garage door! Complete with installation! Isn't he the most romantic fellow ever?! Every girl should be so lucky. So within a week or two I'll have a shiny new garage door installed, quite probably working much better than my current one, and far less dangerous. Double-yay!

(no subject)

There are donuts in the conference room. mmmm.....they look yummy.

I have selected precisely which one I would eat, if it weren't Lent. But I have not eaten it. It looks lonely. It's been sitting there all morning. I'm clearly the only one who wants it, but even I have left it there to languish all alone.

Instead, I walked down the stairs, bought a grilled chicken sandwich with lots of veggies and spicy mustard on it, walked back up the stairs, and ate it. And got a nice big cup of water to drink with it.