March 5th, 2002


Informative Synchronized Skating Pictures

Well, my efforts to verbally describe synchronized skating managed to completely confuse swerve, so she cleverly went searching for more information. She googled herself to a very nifty page with lots of photos showing the different formations, holds, and tricks which you generally see in a synchro program. It includes before/during/after shots of the notorious back-lunge passthru I tried to describe. I thought other confused readers might find it useful, so I'm posting it here for all to peruse.

Musical confusion

I had my piano tuned yesterday, since I'd taken the day off to recover from the weekend. I also had my (beautiful new!) garage door installed in the morning. Due to my late arrival the night before, and the early arrival of the garage door people that morning, I didn't get a whole lot of sleep.

When the piano tuner arrived in the late afternoon, I let him in, showed him the piano, and went upstairs to read and stay out of his way while he worked. It was kind of cold upstairs, so I pulled my comforter over me as I read my book, laying on my bed. A cat came over and curled up on my back. I was warm and relaxed. The drone of the piano being tuned echoed rhythmically in my head, and my eyelids got very heavy.

I slid out of my glasses, and a pillow made its way under my head. Yes, I fell asleep, all alone with a strange piano tuner in my house. Probably not too smart. I woke up in the middle of a weird dream in which I was sharing an apartment building with Tara Lipinski, to the sound of my name being called from downstairs. I scrambled out of bed in a disoriented panic, cats and covers flying every which way. I hurried down the stairs, looked at the fuzzy piano tuner, and realized I'd left my glasses upstairs.

He said he was finished, so I went and got him a check, discretely fetching my glasses and finger-combing my hair at the same time. I signed something or the other, hopefully not anything too important, let him out, and finally caught my breath. My mind stayed blurry and confused for quite some time after that; I received a phone call from C a little later and was fairly incoherent as I tried to pretend I knew whatever it was we were talking about....