March 20th, 2002


Kinda sick

My stomach still hurts, and feels a little shaky. I am afraid to eat anything, for fear of more of last night's reaction to food. So I'm just sticking to water until I feel like I can trust it. Also, I'm freezing - although that's nothing new, for I am always cold at work these days.

*sigh* gonna be a great day.....

Happy Spring??

Well, I was feeling a tiny bit better, and a little hungry, so I decided to be brave and try a mug of hot chocolate. Maybe not the best idea, since I knew I shouldn't be putting anything into my stomach, but I was so cold! It didn't really agree with me, although I managed to keep most of it down. It did warm me up for awhile though! But now I'm starting to get cold again. Sometimes I just hate this office. I've been sitting here wearing my zip-up sweatshirt, complete with hood. (Yes, I'm wearing the hood. I look like an idiot, but I don't care!) I've been drinking cold water, which my stomach doesn't seem to mind. And I have a mug of hot water in front of me. Not to drink, because that's icky, but just to periodically warm my hands on, to keep from freezing. I've been refreshing my hot water all morning, whenever it gets cooled down. I think if I avoid eating again I'll be okay.


Well I finished everything that needed to be done today at work, and came home. Just couldn't handle being at work anymore. I got home, and the house was set in its "away" temperature - 62.'s cold everywhere today! So I have turned it up to 75, put on all the warm clothes I could find, and am about to curl up in front on the television underneath two blankets.

I just realized something: this morning I went to the trouble of packing a can of soup and can-opener for my lunch, in case I felt well enough to eat. I never did, that cup of hot chocolate was all I could manage. When I left today though I left my lunch bag at work - not a big deal, I can eat it tomorrow and I have other food here, but now I have no can-opener! If I ever feel like tackling some soup tonight, I won't be able to.... *sadness*

Ah well, hopefully I won't want any soup anyway. Water seems to be what's best for me right now. So off I go to the couch with blankets, pillows, and a big bottle of water!
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