March 21st, 2002


Looks like I might survive

I'm at work again today, although I came in very late and will probably leave early. I got lots of rest last night, and am feeling somewhat better. I just had something light to eat, and feel like I'll probably keep it down okay, so that's a good sign. I'm wearing my warmest sweater, and a turtleneck under it. C came over last night and brought me some chicken noodle soup, which I was able to eat a little of. It was mostly just nice to see him, and have sympathetic company.

There is a little bird sitting on my windowsill, and he's chirping! His feathers are black, with whitish tips, and they are almost iridescent when he turns his head. Which he's doing quite a lot, looking this way and that, and cheeping away.

Oh, he's gone now. Musta found his friend. I think perhaps I'll go home soon; I like it better there....
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Still sick....

...but getting a little bit better. Left work at 2:30 today, because after the little bird left me there seemed no point in staying. Okay, perhaps it wasn't the bird's fault. But I really wasn't getting anything done, didn't have anything pressing to do, and didn't feel particularly well. So I went home.

Turned up the temperature, changed into my comfy tie-dye pants, watched a disgusting number of sitcom reruns on television, and painted my toenails purple. So it didn't turn out to be all that unproductive of a day after all!

Awhile ago I had some soup, and kept down most of it. Quite some time later I had a little bit of ice cream (bad girl, I know, but something about eating ice cream makes me feel better sometimes), and did about equally well digesting that. Even so, I think I'm feeling better. Hopefully a good night of sleep tonight will have this thing mostly cleared up.

I have ugly feet. But then, not very many feet are attractive, and at least I have cute toenails! ...and check out those pants. Pretty nifty, eh?