April 1st, 2002


This sucks

It's 2am, and I am sitting here at work staring at the monthend premium totals, which are blatently refusing to balance. $1352 off, and I don't know why. Yet. And it's quarter end, so management wants the damn figures ASAP, so my boss specifically asked me to make sure this stuff got finished this weekend. It's been a clusterf*ck from the start, and we're hours and hours behind schedule. The cycle didn't run last night, for nobody knows what reason, then we ran it during the day today (Sunday), and it finished late. Then M who was doing the balancing didn't realize she needed to rerun the monthend job before she could get stuff to balance. She was trying to be polite and didn't call me right away - she struggled with it on her own for way too long, then called me and found out she had to rerun the job. When that finished, more numbers wouldn't balance, and finally I came into work at 12:30am to try to get this crap figured out and balanced and run before morning. Ugh. I thought I had it figured out, made a change, reran the report, and it's still just as much off as it was. Of course, this is an unusual problem that we haven't experienced before, so I'm delving into new territory in the middle of the night. I haven't even worked with our AS400 software in ages, being almost exclusively a Java gal these days until something goes hideously wrong and I get called in to try to pick up the pieces again. Which I should be doing. This problem isn't going to go away on its own, and the fact that I don't know where to look is certainly not going to fix things faster. *sigh*
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I got everything properly balanced, and the close is now running. As it takes a few hours to complete, I'm going home. *yawn* Glad it's all resolved, or appears to be. Hopefully no more problems. Folks will call me in the morning if so....