April 5th, 2002


The first casualty of war is grammar.

Saying "We will destroy terrorism" is about as meaningful as saying: "We shall annihilate mockery."
Nobody seems to have told the President that the horrors of September were perpetrated with little more than a couple of dozen box-cutters.
And what is meant by: "We mustn't give in to the terrorists"? We gave in to them the moment the first bombs fell on Afghanistan.
(excepts from a great article by Terry Jones...found link from guingel)

Day off

I don't have to work today. This is a wonderful thing, but of course I am unfortunately squandering my precious business hours off work by messing around on my computer.

I am also eating a veggie burger. I have this new medicine I'm supposed to be taking, which I'm supposed to take 30 minutes before I eat anything. Unfortunately, I'm pretty bad at this. The problem is that in general, 30 minutes before I want to eat, I don't know that I'm going to want to eat in 30 minutes! I'm a ridiculously spontaneous and haphazard sort of person. This is why I rarely cook, and eat a lot of frozen meals. I can handle microwaving something for a few minutes, but actually futzing about the kitchen for 30 (or more!) minutes, finding, combining, and preparing ingredients, using multiple cooking implements and then finally ending up with a full meal neatly arranged on a plate - this seems near to inconceivable to me.

For lunch today I pulled two pieces of bread and one veggie burger out of my freezer. Bread into the toaster, burger on a plate in the microwave, now find mustard and catsup in the fridge. Spend a couple moments impatiently shaking the mustard and watching the microwave count down, decide that I don't really need ketchup and put it back into the fridge. Mentally debate the possibility of fat-free mayo, then the microwave beeps. Hooray, forget the mayo, it's time to eat!

Pull the burger out of the microwave, and the toaster oven dings. What timing. I flip the burger onto one piece of toast, squirt mustard onto the burger, use the other piece of toast (onion sourdough I made add - very tasty) to wipe up the extra burger juice on the plate, then smear the mustard around a bit as I put it onto the sandwich. Take said sandwich and plate into computer room, feeling very pleased with myself for having "cooked."

Two bites into the sandwich, I remember the darn pill, and the 30 minutes. Ack! Quickly take pill, then study sandwich. If I wait 30 minutes to eat it, it will be cold. Instead, I decide to just eat it v-e-r-y s-l-o-o-o-o-l-y. Surely that will help at least a little bit. *grin*

So I have been sitting here, leisurely eating lunch, and reading the journal a new friend (jathomas (he likes The Tick!!)). I've added several new friends (hi everyone who reads this!) recently, and probably will add more. Mostly because I need more interesting reading material for when I get bored at work. Also, I just need more friends in my life, and I'm hoping that at least a couple of them will find some of my ramblings vaguely interesting, read and comment in my journal, and we can become Best Friends Forever, complete with secret handshakes, sleepovers, and little beaded pins to put onto your shoelaces (hey does anybody else remember that trend, from the early '80's I think??). Heh, okay now I'm just getting silly, but like I said I'm rambling and procrastinating, wasting away my day off.

Maybe I should go do something productive. If anybody has any interesting journals to recommend, please feel free.
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